Gilford Montessori offers morning Montessori classes for children aged 3 to 6. Our morning class is from 08:50 until 12:20. 
We take an individualised approach to learning and our Montessori teachers strive to encourage each child to reach their full potential.
We offer:
  • an environment in which children are encouraged to explore materials and their related concepts and to develop at their own pace;
  • a purposefully prepared classroom that fosters intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development;
  • accredited and highly trained teachers who prepare the environment, conduct lessons and group activities. They offer each child individualised guidance and new challenges in their classroom explorations and learning;
  • mixed-age, multi-year classroom communities enabling students to develop long-term meaningful relationships, learn from older students and practice leadership skills by acting as role models for younger peers.
Gilford Montessori school aims to help every child to develop independence, self confidence, self discipline and a love of learning. We collaborate with parents and guardians to ensure that each child is being given a meaningful educational experience here in our school.
Our carefully planned curriculum covers the following areas: practical life skills, sensorial, language, number, geometry, history, geography, science, nature, music, social skills and many more.
Optional extra hours are available to the Montessori children:
12:20 until 13:20

Montessori Fees